100% West Australian grown gourmet mushrooms

Our mushroom farm sources local growing mediums and employs a sustainable and renewable farming practice. As our mushrooms are grown and harvested locally we can ensure the freshest product available.

Spray Free

No sprays or harmful chemicals are used in the growing of our mushrooms.

Local Matters

Our mushroom farm is located in the heart of the Perth metropolitan area, meaning the lowest possible time spent in transit before being delivered to you.

High Diversion Rate

All our farm waste is repurposed. Spent substrates are packed up and collected weekly where they are then used as a key ingredient in compost mixes.

Southwest Hardwood

We try to recreate the idea conditions to fruit our mushrooms. Sustainably sourced WA hardwood sawdust is carefully selected, tested and blended into every one of our mushroom blocks.

Minimising footprints

Growing vertically significantly reduces the amount of land space needed to grow plants compared to traditional farming methods.

Modern Farming

Controlling variables such as light, humidity, air exchange and temperature year round allows predictable production with reliable harvests.

Locally Grown & Freshly Picked

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What are we growing now?

Here at the mushroom guys we are constantly refining our grow calendars and procedures to offer the freshest produce picked to order and available all year round.
Premium Quality

Freshly Harvested

The Mushroom Guys are located in the heart of the Perth metropolitan area. Whether you are in the city, along the coast, on the river, or in the hills, our freshly picked mushrooms are never far away.

Each mushroom is harvested by hand and delicately packed to ensure the highest quality product is delivered fresh for you.

Sustainably Sourced

Australian Hardwood Sawdust

We grow our mushrooms on 100% Australian grown sustainably sourced hardwood sawdust, soy bean hulls and wheat bran. We fastidiously mix our own blend of substrates, pack, sterilise and delicately inoculate all our own blocks right here in WA.

We do not use any sprays, harmful chemicals, pesticides or fungicides to grow our mushrooms. Hard work and gumption keeps all the pests away.

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