Western Australia’s highest quality gourmet mushrooms

Our mushroom farm sources local growing mediums and employs a sustainable and renewable farming practice. As our mushrooms are grown and harvested locally we can ensure the freshest product available.
Sustainable practices

Minimising Footprints

Our farm utilises a vertical growing technique, this significantly reduces the amount of land space needed to grow plants compared to traditional farming methods.

The mushroom growing process also uses a small fraction of water compared to traditional farming.

As our farm is located in the Perth metro area there is also very little energy expenditure such as fuel associated with transport and deliveries.

High Diversion Rate

All our farm waste is repurposed. Spent substrates are packed up and collected weekly where they are then used as a key ingredient in compost mixes.

We partner with Write Solutions to ensure that our non-compostable waste streams are separated are handled accordingly and sustainably.

Locally Sourced

A by-product of industry

Gourmet mushrooms are farmed in many different methods globally, at The Mushroom Guys we try to replicate growing mediums as closely to their natural environment. Gourmet mushrooms are found naturally growing on hardwoods globally.

We use sustainably sourced WA hardwood sawdust, this is
carefully selected, tested and blended into every one of our mushroom blocks. This hardwood sawdust is a waste stream of the West Australian timber industry.

By using locally sourced waste materials as growing
medium for our mushrooms we divert almost 30 tones of sawdust waste annually.

Local Matters

Our mushroom farm is located in the heart of the Perth metropolitan area, meaning the lowest possible time spent in transit before being delivered to you. This also makes it possible for our clients to come and see how their amazing produce is grown.