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Tan Oyster Grow Kit – Aussie Mushroom Supplies


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Tan Oyster mushroom grow kit


We have partnered with Aussie Mushroom Supplies to distribute their grow blocks in Western Australia.

These grow kits average 2.1-2.3kg of weight and produce fantastic flush’s of mushrooms.


Aussie Mushroom Supplies Instructions



Why Aussie Mushroom Supplies?


Many grow kits for sale currently are produced using “low tek” methods, typically a combination of materials for the substrate that although will produce mushrooms give significantly poorer results than the appropriate substrate.


How do you know? Its hard as many companies do not advertise what they are producing their kits out of for this very reason. Kits produced with hardwood substrates and higher nutrition levels require expensive sterilisation equipment and proper laboratory setups but it is the only way to ensure the highest possible yields.


Aussie Mushroom Supplies has been in the mushroom industry since 2007 producing the highest quality products possible. We have used Aussie Mushroom Supplies as our source of mushroom spawn since we started and have come to trust and appreciate their fantastic products.


All of their grow blocks have been sterilised in a commercial autoclave and inoculated in a class 100 lab ensuring that their blocks produce the best results possible. They also maintain strict quality control regarding mushroom strains and practices resulting in more yield per kg of substrate than other mushroom grow kits.



Difficulty rating 1/5 (easy)



Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 10.0 × 10.0 × 10.0 cm

4 Kg

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