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*Mushroom varieties by the kg may not be available on certain delivery days, as they are freshly harvested before delivery we will be in contact with crop availability for the week once the order is placed*


Shimofuri Hiratake are a new variety of mushroom produced by crossbreeding a European oyster mushroom with a Japanese oyster mushroom.


Shimofuri means “marbling” in Japanese and indicates the marbled pattern on the mushroom caps. These mushrooms have a flavour profile similar to King Oyster mushrooms (savoury umami flavour) but with a more tender texture. It has a unique buttery texture once cooked that has quickly become a favourite amongst our chef’s.


This mushrooms variety is extremely versatile and can be cooked in a variety of methods – pan-fried, deep fried, stir fried or in soups. These mushrooms are also very useful in vegan cooking and can be used in dishes such as vegan pulled “pork” or fried “scallops”.

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