Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Blocks

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Difficulty rating 1/5 (easy)



Phoenix Oysters are one of the easiest to grow, they require little care and only misting the blocks a couple of times per day to see great results. Instructions can be downloaded using the link above.


Mushroom grow blocks are directly pulled from our crop lines, these are the same blocks we use to produce the mushrooms and results in our pictures. Our farm blocks are much larger than typical grow at home kits, averaging 4.6-5kg per block resulting in much larger flushes and the potential for huge harvests.


Mushroom grow blocks will have 1-4 flushes (harvests) depending on outside factors such as grow conditions etc


Phoenix Oysters have a great delicate flavor and are a favourite replacement for any recipe asking for mushrooms. Their stems are typically more tender than some of the other oyster varieties and do not always require removal before cooking.


Phoenix oyster mushrooms are medium to large in size with caps averaging 5-20 centimetres in diameter and are found in shelf-like clusters. The smooth, thick caps are semi-circular or fan-shaped and range in colour from beige to earthy with lilac or grey tones. The cap is also finely lined and has wavy and undulating edges when mature. Underneath the cap, there are many soft, short, white gills closely aligned to one another and the short, ivory stem averages 1-7 centimetres in length. Phoenix oyster mushrooms have a distinct aroma with seafood undertones and are velvety and tender with a mild, faintly sweet flavor.



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